Data access

Ova stranica dostupna je na hrvatskom.

Access to online data in the Narodne novine database is simple, fast and reliable using standard Internet protocols. Use is available to everyone, anonymously and free of charge.

Daily use

Daily use implies access to all published documents in editions of the Narodne novine, which includes acts of the official and international part and public advertisements.

All documents published in the selected edition, all documents published in a certain period and a list of all editions can be retrieved (see “Overview”). Furthermore, all documents can be searched by querying words, phrases or Boolean expressions according to the title or text content (see “Search”). It is possible to access the documents without viewing the issue or searching directly using unique URLs that have been present on the Croatian internet for more than 15 years.

Most documents from 1990 to the present are available in HTML form for viewing within the interface or for printing on a printer. Some documents from 1990 to 2022 are available in PDF format, as they are not suitable for publication in HTML due to their size (e.g. state budget).

From 2023, all documents of the official and international parts are available in HTML and PDF, and a PDF of complete published editions is available.

Professional use

For users who need a systematic review of a large number of documents of the official part, it is possible to retrieve term and chronological indexes for selected years, as well as to retrieve all regulations for the selected year in XLSX or CSV format (see “Index”).

Search engine indexing

Access is provided to any internet crawler who seeks to index and use the content of Narodne novine. For the discovery and indexing of the entire content, it is possible to retrieve cascading sitemap files in the standardized XML format. All available and published content is indexed.

The starting address is
and that basic XML record is branched into smaller XML records, one for each official edition release.

For example, the address
contains the URLs of all regulations of the official edition of NN 28/2023 in the basic NN format and the equivalent ELI format, such as:

The ELI format is used for the official and international parts.

Retrieving structured metadata

For access to structured metadata of regulations for the purpose of indexing, automated and semi-automated processing of technical users and automated services, a number of formats are available for retrieving structured and exposed metadata of the Narodne novine database in three formats: RDFa, RDF/XML and JSON-LD.

First of all, within each HTML record of a particular legal act, there is a series of RDFa records that define metadata in the ELI ontology enriched with NN vocabularies.

These metadata can be checked by opening the HTML of an individual regulation in an internet browser (e.g. and viewing the source code of the HTML content (e.g. right-click, select “View Page Source”, and find the content between the statements “<!-- ELI metadata -->” and “<!-- END ELI metadata -->”).

Also, the same metadata can be retrieved in RDF/XML and JSON-LD formats by simply adding a suffix to the basic ELI URL:

Read more about structured and exposed metadata in the ELI schema here.

Alternatively, the same metadata can also be retrieved using the NN API interface. Please configure your scripts and bots to request a maximum of three queries per second. Thank you!